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Firm Overview

Bergen County Family Law Firm

Specializing in and devoted exclusively to the practice of Divorce, Family and Matrimonial Law and related matters. Located in Hackensack, Bergen County, and cited as one of the leading matrimonial law firms in the State, Robert T. Corcoran, P.C., concentrates its practice exclusively in this area. The firm’s practice includes all aspects of the divorce process, with an emphasis upon the equitable distribution of the parties’ assets, alimony and support issues, and custody and parenting time disputes.

The firm is experienced in the trial and appellate courts having handled sophisticated and complex financial aspects of a divorce, such as the valuation of businesses, stocks, pensions, 401k plans, retirement accounts, trust funds, investment properties, commercial and residential real estate, professional licenses, and finding hidden property and assets.

Our attorneys bring to each case a wealth of experience, knowledge, skill, and resources to protect clients’ current and long-term interests. Some of our clients include high-profile individuals with considerable marital property, both real and personal. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the law and provide unparalleled legal representation, customizing unique solutions for each case. Our attorneys have developed relationships with experienced and respected experts and professionals, including accountants, business and real estate appraisers, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, mediators, and vocational experts to aid clients in preparing cases for trial.