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Our Attorneys’ Profiles:

  • Karen M. Venice, Esq.
    Karen became an associate with Robert T. Corcoran, P.C. in 1995. Since joining the firm, she has practiced almost exclusively in the area of Matrimonial and Family Law involving divorce, custody, Prenuptial Agreements, domestic violence, and related issues.


  • Jason J. Miller, Esq.
    Jason J. Miller, Esq. has practiced exclusively in the area of divorce and family law since his admission to the Bar in 1991. Mr. Miller has participated in every form of dispute resolution in Family Law including mediation, arbitration and Trial work.


  • Judith S. Miller, Esq.
    Judith S. Miller has been practicing with Robert T. Corcoran, P.C., since 1993. Judith’s practice involves research and writing on complex matrimonial issues for client-related matters, firm-related publications, and conferences and seminars.


  • Sara J. Corcoran, Esq.
    Sara’s practice is exclusively devoted to family law where she represents clients on matters involving divorce, custody, parenting time, spousal support, child support, domestic violence, relocation issues, grandparent visitation, adoption, and appellate matters.