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Robert T. Corcoran, P.C. takes great pleasure in the success and satisfaction of our clients.

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  • Robert Corcoran

    Bob Corcoran – The family Attorney Guru

    5.0 stars
    Posted by Bobby

    Bob is an excellent and brilliant attorney. He is expensive but worth every dollar that he charges. He is extremely knowledgeable about family law and a dogged fighter. He is accessible, comes to court punctually and extremely friendly. My spouse was asking for heaven and earth and a pint of my blood, Bob came to my rescue and saved me from financial ruin.

    In the course of his representation, I met other attorneys at the Hackensack court cafeteria and they congratulated me for picking the best family attorney out there.

    Bob Corcoran – if you want it done right, there is no better way to go.

    5.0 stars
    Posted by anonymous

    I wanted to take the time to write this review as I cannot exaggerate how happy I am with Bob Corcoran and his associate Sara. I do not hesitate to say that Bob and Sara offer premium legal services of the highest order. As a lawyer myself and graduate of Harvard Law School, I believe it is fair to say that I have a reasonably good sense of what constitutes a good lawyer – and there is no doubt that both Bob and Sara are such. In my own case, a custody dispute, I wanted the absolute best as nothing was more important to me than my children. As I researched and asked other attorneys regarding recommendations, I was pointed to Bob several times as the preeminent lawyer with respect to family law. After I met with Bob for the first time, I could tell immediately that he was indeed very well-versed in all aspects of family law, and so I retained him. From that point on, both Bob and Sara were tenacious, responsive, and proved supremely competent with respect to all aspects of my complicated case. Each of them mastered all of the myriad details of my case quickly, drafted legal briefs (which, as a lawyer myself, I found to be of very high quality and persuasive) and similarly provided with me excellent advice regarding legal strategy. The wisdom of this advice became more than apparent just a few short months into the litigation. Bob’s 30+ years of experience was the most evident in the courtroom (he was always present in person at every hearing), where he was quick on his feet and was clearly in control. I have read some of the other reviews on this website, and have a hard time believing they are genuine. The type of services these other people describe are nothing like what I experienced. I highly recommend both Bob and Sara to anyone and everyone. To put it simply, if you want it done right, there is no better way to go.

  • Sara Corcoran

    Sara Corcoran – phenomenal lawyer

    5.0 stars
    Posted by Tara

    Sara Corcoran is an amazing attorney who brings to any matter at hand factual knowledge, pragmatism, sage advice, and a compassionate heart. She has offered invaluable assistance and support in any issue I’ve enlisted her help with. Her expertise and guidance has been immeasurable. She is an extraordinary attorney and advocate whom any client in need would be lucky to have on his/her side. I cannot recommend her or her firm highly enough.

    Current in her research and extremely personable

    From a former client

    I met with many prominent lawyers in Bergen County before choosing to work with Mrs. Corcoran. Ultimately, I decided to employ Mrs. Corcoran for her services because I found her to be current in her research and extremely personable. My initial impressions were correct. Mrs. Corcoran was readily available, extremely supportive and always had my best interest in mind.

    Personable yet aggressive

    5.0 out of 5.0
    From a former client

    I found myself in a terrible bind. I was engaged to be married to, whom I thought was, the love of my life. Many events transpired, which led us to breaking off the engagement due to irreconcilable differences. I had performed my due diligence and interviewed five different attorneys. I found Sara J. Corcoran to be the most personable yet aggressive as well as superior to all other candidates I had interviewed with her responsiveness. I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone in need.

  • Karen Venice

    Custody cases are very emotional

    My name is Lawrence G. and I have had the good fortune of having Ms. Venice be my custody atty these past couple of months. Custody cases are very emotional and you need someone to keep your emotions from getting the best of you. She was firm when she had to be, yet also used constant and common sense which isn’t so common in these type of cases. Very professional! She had a good grasp of the law and gave 110% to my cause. I will forever be grateful for how she handled my case…”

    Knowledgeable, hardworking and great to have on my side

    5.0 out of 5.0
    From a former client

    Karen took over my divorce when my first lawyer went on maternity leave. She made sure that everything went off without a hitch. Knowledgeable, hardworking and great to have on my side, she saw my case through to a good settlement. This is THE firm for divorce in Bergen County and you’re in great hands with Ms. Venice.

    Frank, honest, knowledgeable

    5.0 out of 5.0
    From a former client

    Ms. Karen Venice represented me from 2009-2010. Ms.Venice handled my divorce in a very professional manner. She was frank, honest, knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process. She was accessible through e-mail/phone and returned my messages promptly. During court proceedings she was tough but calm and well respected in front of the judge. She looked/dressed professional and was punctual at all times. I felt comfortable/secure having Ms. Karen Venice representing me. Very pleased with outcome.

    Responsive and Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars
    Posted by Lawrence

    My case involved an emergent issue against me, so my atty had to be responsive and knowledgeable. It was a sensitive case and a very involved, detailed case. Her adversary used misleading statements against me which caused this to be a difficult case. However, she was tenacious and regardless of others tactics never did anything improper or borderline questionable in regards to my case, but keep her eye on the end result. I felt like she was my partner. I would recommend her highly…

    Karen: smart and efficient family law attorney

    5.0 stars
    Posted by BWB

    Karen is an excellent family law attorney with outstanding ability to simplify complicated issues. She is very gifted in negotiation and highly persuasive. She is a sympathetic and caring person. Best of all, she responds to clients’ questions and concerns rapidly. Karen has a superb understanding of New Jersey family law.

    Divorce litigation

    4.0 stars
    Posted by Ann

    Karen was very attentive and trustworthy. She kept me informed of new and confusing information very quickly. Responded to my questions or concerns immediately(no matter how many questions I had). I was in a highly emotional state, but I was able to relax somewhat(relinquish control) because everything possible was being done to better my case. Highly recommended.

    Karen is by far the best divorce attorney in Bergen County!

    5.0 stars
    Posted by Jackie

    Karen was exceptionally attentive to the needs of my family. I did not know where to turn for advice and Karen addressed all f my needs with empathy and professionalism. I would suggest any one who is contemplating a divorce to trust Karen’s advice to get though the most difficult time in your life. I did and the outcome as difficult as it was, helped my family at this most difficult time.

  • Our Firm

    The Robert Corcoran firm is elite

    5.0 stars
    Posted by Tara

    Bob Corcoran and his office staff are consummate professionals who are adept at handling the details of whatever matters they are entrusted to dealing with for their clients. I cannot say enough about how much support they lend on both a professional and personal level. They make the difficult journey that one faces when having to enlist the assistance of a family law attorney/firm that is much easier to bear. I have been unbelievably impressed and grateful for the enormous amount of work done on my behalf, the knowledge and advice for which I’ve been able to rely on them, and the outcomes they’ve achieved for my family’s best interests. They are a one-of-a-kind firm, deserving of accolades. I feel blessed to have found their firm, and for their enduring help and continued services…they rise to the occasion whenever needed. There aren’t enough stars in this rating for how many I would give them.

    Highly Ethical, Acts with Integrity and Extremely Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars
    Posted by Yvonne

    I would highly recommend any of the attorneys in Bob Corcoran’s practice because they are HIGHLY ethical, keenly respectful, compassionate and EXTREMELY knowledgeable in all aspects of the divorce process. Over the four years that it took to settle my case, I got to know many of the attorneys very well; namely Sara and Bob Corcoran. What mattered most to me was their HIGH standard of legal ethics which was never compromised even though my adversary ALWAYS operated in an unscrupulous fashion.

    Since my divorce was highly contentious and prolonged over time — to no fault of this firm — I was exposed to all aspects of the divorce process (some that I did not even know existed). Bob Corcoran was extremely informative and always willing to explain the situation to me in terms that I could understand. He is a true expert in his field.

    Bob Corcoran also realized the financial burden that my divorce cast upon me; however, there was NEVER a moment in time that I felt Bob took advantage of me financially. They were extremely fair.

    The firm of Robert T. Corcoran was always easily accessible to me for consultation, conference calls, meetings, etc. As busy as this firm is, in no way, did I ever feel that my case was not as important as that of someone elses. Calls were always returned timely.

    Lastly, for all of the reasons stated above, I would highly recommend this firm.

    The only divorce firm in town

    5.0 stars
    Posted by Maria

    No one wants to need a divorce lawyer, but when you do this is the one to hire.

    My own divorce had all kinds of complications – a (now ex) husband with an all-cash business who swore he’d fight me for custody of our young kids, a paperwork mix-up that called certain dates into question, property to divide under less-than-amicable circumstances. It could have easily become a nightmare in less knowledgeable hands. But Ms. Corcoran advocated ably for me from Day 1 and saw what could have been a quagmire to a swift conclusion. She is professional, knowledgeable and smart. She’s the one you want sitting at your table.

    You’ll see on her firm’s website that they have all kinds of awards and distinctions. They’re well-deserved. When you really need the professionals, this is the firm to get. Ms. Corcoran will do an outstanding job for you.

    Facing a tough divorce

    From a former client

    When I asked around for referrals when I needed a divorce lawyer, I kept hearing that Corcoran’s firm is the one to beat in the area. Facing a tough divorce, I went with the “big guns.” I was glad I did from the first day. Divorce is what they do. They represented me with toughness and tenacity and made sure I got a fair shake. Ms. Corcoran filed an emergency motion for support from the first week I hired her and made sure my interests were protected. Highly recommended.